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  • Design software for soil and pile supported Mat Foundations, Foundation Groups, Irregular shaped Foundations, Equipment Foundations, Tank Foundations, Pile and Anchor Bolts.

  • Import reactions as loads from popular superstructure software solutions

  • Complete design of multiple foundations all at-once

  • Generate reports with detailed plan, elevation and section sketches

  • Publish 2D drawings and 3D models in popular CAD software

Dimensional Solutions suite of software products offer complete structural foundation designs.
From concept to constuction for an array of industry.
Debeloped by engineers, our products are tailored in a way that is intutive and efficient for engineers to use.

Foundation3D 2019

A perfect solution for designing foundations for industrial equipment such as horizontal exchangers, horizontal vessels, vertical vessels, fractionation towers, air filters, pipe racks and other plant supports or simply any structure that needs a simple spread or combined footing.

We know that in the plant design world, civil / structural engineers are the last to receive crucial information but are the first ones required to produce final deliverables such as material quantities, foundation design drawings, piling drawings, excavation drawings. Therefore, automation in foundation design is a must in achieving important milestones of a very compressed project schedule.

With Foundation3D, you can consistently expect to meet or exceed your project schedule demands. From equipment-specific automated load calculations to generating design sketches, Foundation3D will increase your productivity significantly at every stage of your project.

Mat3D 2019

Our comprehensive general purpose mat foundation design software.

Mat3D completes both soil and pile supported, multi-load point mat foundations quickly and accurately. Because it designs pedestals, soil-supported mats or pile-supported pile caps in minutes, you will experience significant productivity gains in completing mat foundation designs.

Whether you are designing mat foundations for a precast concrete parking structure, equipment, or a building, Mat3D’s easy-to-learn and easy-to-use graphical interface will get you going in just a few minutes. Even if you use Mat3D after a significant time lapse from its first use, you will not require any re-learning; you can expect to become productive instantly.

Mat3D imports geometry, loads, and loads combinations from commonly used super structure design software.  The design mode in Mat3D intelligently creates a initial design in seconds and provide very friendly features to further optimize the design using the analysis mode.

With Mat3D, design foundations subjected to unlimited load cases and combinations and view sketches and material quantities in minutes. Mat3D will increase your productivity significantly at every stage of your project.


With DSAnchor, designing anchors for concrete foundations is no longer tedious or time-consuming. Our software allows you to quickly and accurately design safe anchorage in a few short steps. The intuitive graphical interface provides an easy way to determine safe anchorage of equipment and structures.

DSAnchor takes into account a wide range of variables that may arise in any project — from anchor patterns to load combinations and cases. It assists you in designing and analyzing your projects in a few easy steps and give you the concise answers you need.

Shaft3D 2019

Our pile design solution is ideal for drilled shafts or caisson type foundations. Completing shaft axial capacity analysis, lateral analysis and concrete design, all in one integrated environment, has never been easier.

Whether you are designing caisson foundations for windmills, transmission lines, utility lines or any other structure requiring drilled pier foundations, Shaft3D will help you complete your projects in minutes. With its Windows-based, easy-to-learn graphical interface and its ability to provide a complete solution covering various types of analyses, Shaft3D will help you increase your productivity significantly.

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