Foundation3D 2019

A perfect solution for designing foundations for industrial equipment such as horizontal exchangers, horizontal vessels, vertical vessels, fractionation towers, air filters, pipe racks and other plant supports or simply any structure that needs a simple spread or combined footing.

We know that in the plant design world, civil / structural engineers are the last to receive crucial information but are the first ones required to produce final deliverables such as material quantities, foundation design drawings, piling drawings, excavation drawings. Therefore, automation in foundation design is a must in achieving important milestones of a very compressed project schedule.

With Foundation3D 2019, you can consistently expect to meet or exceed your project schedule demands. From equipment-specific automated load calculations to generating design sketches, Foundation3D 2019 will increase your productivity significantly at every stage of your project.

Choose from one of the following plans that best meets your design needs

Graphical Interface

  • Provides a bird’s eye-view of all working projects, allowing you to locate projects quickly
  • Displays all workspaces (foundation designs) in the currently selected project with a graphical icon displaying the plan view of the foundation, allowing you to open workspaces without searching their locations via File Explorer
  • Allows grouping of projects according to your requirements so you can easily identify projects with the same criteria
  • Provides a central location to enter project-specific client information and technical specifications so that this information can be easily viewed by technical group leaders or project managers
  • Allows organization of workspaces according to your requirements so you can group foundation designs that best suits your project needs
  • Provides a way to set global settings that new projects inherit, so you can focus on designing foundations instead of ensuring the correctness of common technical inputs
  • Provides flexibility in completing foundation designs according to your client/site requirements through new features such as project and workspace level settings
  • Segregates all inputs and outputs clearly so you do not have to guess on required inputs and generated outputs
  • Distinguishes inputs and outputs clearly
  • Allows you to import and copy/paste data from Microsoft Excel in many fields such as load cases and combinations
  • Displays detailed design information and graphical views for each design component on each page, so you can quickly assess critical or governing design parameters
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